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Cognitive Processing Therapy 

I am certified in Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), a treatment for PTSD strongly recommended by the American Psychological Association. CPT is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). CPT is a structured, time-limited treatment. CPT can be completed in twelve weeks, quickly and effectively reducing symptoms of PTSD. 


PTSD blocks the recovery process after a traumatic event. CPT removes the barriers built by PTSD, allowing you to resume living the life you want. I support you in facing the memory of your trauma, helping you learn new skills to shift the way you think and feel about what happened, and providing you with a balanced and flexible path forward.

CPT has been extensively researched with many different kinds of people and traumas. It is the preferred treatment used by the VA system to support veterans struggling with PTSD symptoms after military trauma, including sexual violence and combat. I was trained in CPT while working in the VA. Unfortunately, this highly effective treatment is not widely available outside of academic medical centers and hospitals, but I am passionate about offering CPT to clients who may not otherwise have access to it. 

To get a sense of what CPT is all about, check out this podcast episode by This American Life which tracks the therapy process for one client as she addresses a sexual trauma from her childhood. 

CPT is a good fit for clients who:  

  • Experienced a trauma (like sexual assault, sexual abuse, combat trauma, or domestic violence) 

  • Have symptoms of PTSD such as:

    • Unwanted memories of the trauma

    • Feeling vigilant or on edge (watchful, like your head is on a swivel)

    • Avoiding certain activities because they remind you of the trauma

    • Feeling guilty or having other strong upsetting emotions when you think about the trauma

    • Getting triggered (upset or jumpy) when you see a reminder of the trauma

Does doing CPT online make it less effective? 

No, and in fact even before COVID-19, researchers in the VA system conducted clinical trials on CPT delivered through online therapy. They have found that it works just as well online in comparison to in-person. If you choose to do CPT as online therapy with me, know that you are choosing a therapy that has been proven to work in telehealth settings. 

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