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Do you see clients in-person? 

I see all clients virtually for online teletherapy counseling appointments. I am licensed in California, Oregon, and Minnesota and can see clients who reside in those states. 


Do you work with polyamorous or ethically non-monogamous couples? 

Yes! I greatly enjoy working with clients practicing ENM in its various forms. I do not see triads/quads/etc. but am happy to refer you to other clinicians who do wonderful work in this area. 

What if my partner does not want to attend couples counseling? 

It's very common for one partner to be reluctant to attend therapy. I work with couples to better understand their ambivalence - it is not necessary for both people to be enthusiastic, excited, or to think the therapy will be successful. However, both parties must attend freely and willingly and demonstrate a minimum commitment to trying out the process for it to be a productive use of time. 

Why don't you take insurance? 

For a therapist to bill insurance for couples counseling, they must identify one member of the couple as the "identified patient" and provide them with a diagnosis. The couples therapy then must treat that diagnosis, even if the couple did not seek therapy specifically to address the diagnosis. In some cases this system works well (for example, a couple who are hoping to address the impact of one partner's trauma symptoms on their marriage). However, many couples, even those who come to therapy with individual mental health concerns, are looking to do much more than manage those symptoms with their partner. By charging a fee, I am able to provide the therapy you and your partner actually need and want without risking insurance fraud.

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