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Take A Break
A Tool To Prevent Destructive Conflict 

Stop hurting each other. Fight fair. Take a break. 

Do you and your partner struggle with toxic, out-of-control conflict?

Have you tried to cool off during conflict, but it never seems to work? 

The Take A Break ebook is for couples who really need to take an effective time-out during conflict but can't seem to do it successfully.

Let me teach you how to develop a personal, effective plan to take a break during destructive fights.  

You'll learn: 

  • 10 common conflict management mistakes couples make when trying to take a break

  • How to prevent fights from getting out of control

  • How to take a break without triggering rage or abandonment in your partner

  • What to do during your break to cool off and come back to actually strengthen your relationship instead of tearing it down

  • Why your past efforts at taking a break kept backfiring 

  • How to handle tricky situations that make it challenging to take a break 


This ebook includes 20 pages of targeted content and activities and a clear, customized process to stop causing harm in your relationship.

Safe conflict is within reach. 

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