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Sex Therapy


I support couples with complex problems including sexual concerns that overlap with the rest of their relationship struggles. I am an AASECT certified sex therapist, which means I have extensive training and supervision in sexuality concerns. 

If sex is a hot topic in your relationship or if either partner has concerns, pain, or difficulties around sex, couples therapy can help you work on the relationship and on your sex life at the same time. 

I have an extensive background as a sexuality researcher and educator, including teaching human sexuality courses and studying the intersections of sexuality, sexual pleasure, and trauma. And, as a skilled couples therapist, I have the tools to help you improve your relationship and your sex life at the same time. 


Couples seek therapy to address a wide variety of sexual topics including: 


Fighting about how often you have sex 

Different turn ons or turn offs 

Exploring Kink and BDSM 

Pain during sex 

Difficulty with erections

Conflict about pornography use


Exploring ​new sexual acts or dynamics

Non-monogamy or polyamory

Rebuilding trust after infidelity ​

Sex after trauma​

Dissociation or numbing out during sex 

Sex and substance use 


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