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About Me


I am a licensed clinical psychologist dedicated to serving couples with high conflict, messy marriages. Healing hard relationships is my passion. I advocate for my clients’ love stories, even and especially when they feel there is little left to salvage. 


I gained relationship expertise through years of training. I earned my PhD from the University of Oregon, where I received extensive hands’ on supervision of my couples work. I further honed my skills in the VA system working with veterans and their partners with concurrent and complicated struggles such as PTSD, substance abuse, domestic violence, and infidelity. In my private practice, I help couples who think couples therapy cannot possibly work for them because their pain is too deep, their problems are too big, and their patterns

are too fixed. I always use evidence-based techniques proven to work, because couples who are hurting badly do not have time to waste. I provide marriage counseling for real partners with real problems, who, despite all the hurt, hold a sliver of hope that things can get better. 

In my free time, I am easily wooed by a good love story and am a voracious consumer of fiction and film about good people finding and maintaining romance, passion, and connection. From a young age, I loved talking to people about their relationships. I even went so far as offering (mostly solicited) relationship advice to my peers on the steps of my high school quad. Thankfully, my education and experience have since refined my techniques!

Raised in Santa Cruz, California, I reside in Minneapolis with my partner and two children. Although my inner Californian cringes as each winter rolls around, I love the season's call to walk in the snow, drink innumerable cups of hot tea, and bundle in as many cozy layers as possible. But I like to think I bring a West Coast style, characterized by directness, candor, and a touch of irreverence to my work as a therapist.

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