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Do you and your partner struggle with toxic, out-of-control conflict? If so, learning how to pause during conflict to cool off will help you navigate arguments without hurting each other. You might have already tried to just "take a break" or do a "time out" during fights. But unless you know how to take an effective break, you may just wind yourself up or trigger abandonment in your partner. The Take a Break guide provides a detailed plan for taking a break during conflict, including how to develop your own personalized break plan. I also address 10 common mistakes couples make when taking a break, plus three common special circumstances that make breaks challenging. 


The Take a Break guide provides a clear, customized process to help you stop causing harm in your relationship conflicts. At just 20 pages of content and activities, you do not need to spend hours reading or listening to try a new and game-changing skill today. 

Take a Break - A Tool To Prevent Destructive Conflict

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